Fab Back At it Again: Plans 2 Drop DOuble Mixtape


Fabolous, who recently debuted at No. 1 with Loso’s Way, has announced plans to release an upcoming double disc mixtape with DJ Drama and DJ Clue.

Selecting two of the biggest names from Atlanta and New York City, Fab revealed what fans could expect from the forthcoming project.

“We’re working on [a mixtape] now,” Fab revealed in an interview. “We’re actually going to be with DJ Drama, it’s a double disc with DJ Drama and DJ Clue. It’s gonna be a Gangsta Grillz on one side and a DJ Clue mixtape on the other side. For the Gangsta Grillz, it will be a There Is No Competition Part Two and the DJ Clue one, we are calling it That Fabolous Basterd kinda like the name of the Brad Pitt movie, Inglorious Basterds — It’s definitely gonna be Street Fam on there, expect to hear Freck Billionaire, expect to hear Paul Cain, expect to hear Red Cafe — it’s gonna be a lot of our Street Fam on that tape.” (iHipHop)

Tony Yayo recently spoke on bypassing G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid to make a new mixtape alongside Drama.

“You hear my mixtapes on ThisIs50.com and you hear them with DJ Whoo Kid,” Yayo said in an interview. “I wanted to go out of my element this time. It was like, ‘Who should I go to? DJ Drama.’ Atlanta is poppin’, New York City’s poppin’, everywhere is poppin’ — but I had to go to Gangsta Grillz. [Drama] paved the way for a lot of artists. He’s the hottest DJ to go to. Shout out to Whoo Kid, but I did this one with Drama this time…Real recognize real. I’ve been dropping a lot of mixtapes on my own, learning from 50. I think I’m starting to get the game mastered. It takes some time. Swine Flu, Swine Flu 2: Tha Pandemic, Public Enemies. Now I got Gangsta Paradise. Reason I call it Gangsta Paradise is because the gangstas in Queens call it ‘gangsta’s paradise.’ Brooklyn is the jungle.” (MTV)

In addition to music, Fab also said he would like to further his career as an actor in the future.

“I love making albums,” F-a-b-o said in an interview. “My last project came out two years ago, so I kinda want to return to making more music rather than…I would love to dip my feet in the pool of acting, but I want to get it in musically as well. The sales thing and the slump of the music industry doesn’t change my hunger or my spirit towards making music… I’m looking to do a project later in the year with Ne-Yo which would be kinda like a Best of Both Worlds project that we’ve been talking about putting together. Musically, I just want to grow in that way, and of course introduce some new talented guys that I’ve been working with, Street Family, Freck Billionaire, Red Cafe, Paul Cain. And just grow musically as well. I feel like it’s my time, I feel like I put in a lot of legwork to get where I am. There’s not too many artists in general that have gone that long and are able to still be relevant. There’s a lot of people who put out albums, I don’t know if it’s a lot of people that have that anticipation, and that’s the key thing, building that anticipation where people actually want to hear what you have to say.” (The Boom Box)

SOHH recently attended the rapper’s Reebok Concert Series performance in New York City earlier this week.

Fabolous’ one-night New York City showcase was a night to remember. From a live band consisting of a guitar player, guy on the keyboard, drums and Fab’s sidekick Paul Cain serving as a lyrical hype man, the rapper switched back-and-forth from slow cuts like “Into You” and “Baby Don’t Go” to more stellar records for the fellas a la “Keepin’ It Gangsta” and “Breathe.” Even though kids who purchased their pairs of Reeboks (which Fab rocked with his army fatigue shorts) may have gone with their parents, Fab showed no concerns with his verbal messages throughout the night: “New York City, what the f*ck is up man,” he asked the screaming crowd during his intro. “How y’all feel this evening? I don’t know what y’all think I came here to do, but I’ma do it.” (SOHH On The Scene)

A release date for Fab’s upcoming mixtape has not yet been announced.

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