!!!Damn More Rihanna and Chris!!!:Who Still Cares!!

In the original court reports, Rihanna told police that the fight between Chris Brown and her was not the first…TMZ cites newly released court documents that elaborate on 2 prior incidents:

The first occurred in Europe three months before the February 8 attack. Rihanna and Brown got into a verbal dispute and she slapped him. According to the report, he reacted by shoving her into a wall.

The second incident occurred approximately 3 weeks prior to the February attack. Brown and Rihanna were in Barbados and were driving a Range Rover. They argued, and Brown got out of the car, and allegedly broke the front driver and passenger side windows.

What’s also interesting is the revelation that Brown wanted to plead guilty and start counseling long before he finally did. Apparently, his lawyer “wouldnt let him.

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TMZ also released the original police reports, which is basically the same run-down as the previously released search warrants with a disturbing blow by blow of the altercation, including how the argument started (”Robyn F…observed a 3-page text msg from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with…”) and how Brown slammed Rihanna’s head into the car window and put her in a headlock. You also read how he reacted after the fight by calling Rihanna’s assistant and then texting Rihanna herself to say he was going to get help.


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