Juelz Santana Admits History of Abuse With Son’s Mother


via xxl

Juelz Santana says his domestic violence case is being blown out of proportion.

The Harlem rapper, who was involved in an argument with his son’s mother on Tuesday morning (August 28), was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats and possessing a weapon, according to the Associated Press. He was released the same day on $5,000 bail.

“It was an argument, that’s it,” Santana told XXLMag.com. “As you can see, the news reported there was no wounds. [Police] said there was a threat—I don’t really know where that came from.”

Overall, the initial reports about the incident were unclear. Initially, news outlets reported that Juelz threatened to kill his wife—he’s actually not married.

“I don’t know where the media is getting all these twisted stories from,” Juelz said. “If I’m gon’ kill anybody, it’s going to be the [rap] game.”

Juelz has actually tackled the topic of domestic violence in past raps. On 2003’s From Me to U, the song “My Problem (Jealousy)” finds Santana apologizing for physically abusing a girlfriend. He confirmed that the woman addressed in the song is indeed his baby’s mother in question.

“To all my fans who heard the bad news or read it, I want to apologize—even though I don’t really know what I’m apologizing for,” he says. “I’m apologizing for the disturbing news. For the media’s stupidity.”

The Diplomats soldier and Skull Gang captain is currently working on his third solo album, Born to Lose, Build to Win, slated for a December release. –John Kennedy


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