!!!Website Drops 2 Day!!:Mixtape Drop



















01. Trap Or Die Intro
02. Dear Summer
03. Celebration
04. I’m A Boss (Ft. Baby D)
05. Three 6 Beat
06. Jeezy Da Snowman
07. 107 Ways
08. We Love U Nigga
09. More Or Less (Ft. U.S.D.A.)
10. Gangstaz Clap
11. Burnin Up (Ft. U.S.D.A.)
12. Trap Or Die (Ft. Bun B & Slick Pulla) (Street Version)
13. Straight Drop
14. U Don’t Know
15. Thug Motivation
16. Duck (Ft. Boyz N The Hood)
17. Get Crunk Musik
18. Where U From (Ft. T.I. & Macboney)
19. Lets Get It
20. Ya Dig (Ft. U.S.D.A.)
21. Get Em Jeezy
22. Hard Hitta
23. U Ain’t Perfect
24. Lil Buddy (Ft. U.S.D.A. & 211)
25. Fuck U
26. Keep It Cocked (Ft. Slick Pulla)
27. A Town Stomp (Ft. Slick Pulla)
28. So Agressive (Ft. Slick Pulla)
29. Trap Real Big
30. Gangsta (Ft. Lil Will)


Seening How The Website Drops 2day..We Thought We SHow Yall Mad Love..and Give Yall Videos,Music,Blog Shi* all in one big ass drop today!!! SO stay on the look out Trust We Got Yall!!!




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