!!**ConGrads:Weezy And Mz.London Have a New Baby Boy**!!

Lauren London gave birth to Lil Wayne’s baby boy. Lauren who is known for her movie ATL and television programs 90210 and Entourage, earlier was denying her pregnancy but a little time back she admitted that she is soon going to give birth to a baby. The baby looks like his father about whom it was said that weither…..

he is going to be the father of Lauren’s son or Nivea’s. Though, Lil Wayne has accepted that the new born is his son. Lil wayne was there all the time when the delivery took place. The baby weighs 7lbs & 12 ounce. He is 21 inches long. The boy, born at Cedar Sanai has his mom’s dimple.
Wayne is also expecting a baby from Nivea. But talking about Lauren, both mother and child are safe and healthy. Lets see if the rapper Lil Wayne will be their with the other girl at her delivery or not? And how he and Lauren will manage their new life with the baby, whose name has not been officially told? Let’s wait and watch.


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