**No More Transformer!!! Or Maybe!! Beef Between Starts**

Megan Fox is being blasted by three members of the Transformers crew who have posted an open letter defending their boss Michael Bay on the director’s official website. In it they ripped Megan apart for her recent Wonderland magazine interview where she compared the blockbuster director to “Hitler” and claimed he ran an “unsafe set.”

The crew members, who worked with Megan on both Transformers flicks, wrote that they’ve all had “the tedious experience of working with the dumb-as-a-rock Megan Fox,” and that they “had the unbearable time of watching her try to act on set.” She is, they say, “as ungracious a person as you can fathom.”

The Bay loyalists pointed out that Michael “plucked her out of obscurity thus giving her the biggest shot of any young actresses’ life” yet she returns the favor by comparing him to the world’s most despised mass murderer. Two of the crew members have also worked with Angelina Jolie, and they noted that Megan seems to want to be her. But Angelina, whom they love, is “a professional” something Megan is definitelynot.

The crew members said there is never a “thank you” from Megan even when they have to deal with the“awful silly Marilyn Monroe tattoo plastered on her arm that we cover up.”


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