!!!!Thats Whats Up!!!!:**Gotti Gets The Cover**

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You’ve heard about the Memphis rap scene. “No unity” and “crabs in a barrel” are the phrases often used to describe it. Just about every crew that has come from the city has either seen their numbers dwindle over the years or simply dissipate completely. Though he came in the game with an affiliation to local legend Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Yo Gotti has pretty much been an one-man show his entire run in the rap game. Right now, that’s looking like a good thing. He has no one to blame when things go wrong and he can enjoy all the spoils when things go right. He doesn’t get dragged into anyone else’s business, so he has all the time he needs to focus on his.
After toiling through a less-than-productive run with the now bankrupt and defunct TVT Records, Gotti is inching his way back onto the national scene with a new deal at Polo Grounds/J Records. Backed by the momentum of his Cocaine Muzik mixtape series and some key features on the Gucci Mane hits “Bricks” and “Ridiculous,” Yo Gotti is poised to redefine Memphis rap as we know it.

Will: Catch everybody up with what you’re doing.
Gotti:Cocaine Muzik 3 is in the streets right now and I’m working on my album Live From The Kitchen for my new situation with J Records/Polo Grounds. TVT went bankrupt and I was able to get myself out of the contract.
As far as the label stuff, what attracted you to take advantage of that opportunity? You have independent and underground roots and a lot of people say major labels are not what they used to be. I went from doing my thing in my neighborhood, to signing a deal with TVT a couple years back so, still to this day I never experienced the work of a J Records or a Universal, what you would call a big machine. This shit is something new to me. Everything that I have done up to this point I’ve done hands on. Me signing with TVT was like they weren’t really there. Them muthafuckers ain’t assist me to get to the next level . They just benefited off what I did in the streets and they got what they could get out of the situation. That’s all I know, is to do it myself and be hands on with it in the street.



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