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!!!The King Is Back!!!:Ti Baby Mama Diss Track

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Rapper T.I. disses his first baby mama, LaShon Dixon, on this new track titled “That’s The Way You Want It” off the mixtape, “T.I. Live From Forest City Correctional Facility”. T.I., who is doing time for felony gun possession, rips Lashon a new one in this lyrical beat down.

I guess T.I. still feels some kind of way about Dixon taking him back to court for more child support for his sons Messiah Yamajesty, 9, and Domani Uriah, 8.

On the track, T.I. tells LaShon to get a job, and slays her with the ultimate insult about her weight.

Below are some Lyrics from the record:

I’m in a public tug of war for dough I struggled for,
I owe money for my sons, honey
and nothin’ more,
Do much more than average for my sons
And you just ignore, in fact, you can get off your ass and work
If you don’t wanna be f*cking poor

That’s not quite the issue is it?
It’s that we don’t f*ck no more,
That’s ’sposed to be you who buying houses, picking out decor
That’s ’sposed to be you in Bentley’s, Fendi and Dior
That’s your problem, just accept it,
You and I are never more

And forever we never will,
Just try your best to deal
I rolled around wit you for years and I regret it still
And well, since you ain’t let yourself know,
You look a mess,
Just let yourself go I guess…



**Lets Get It**: Eminem Leaks Diss Track Toward Nick And You Know Who!!!

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